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About Faye Emerson

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! Where do I begin? I grew up in a home with a father who worked to support a family of three children and a wife. I was the oldest child and have been a survivor/worker my entire life. I remember a life lesson from my father, “Dad, why does it hurt so much when you tell the truth?” “Because Little One, he answered, you never have to worry about what you said because it was the truth!”

Life wasn’t easy, but it created who I am today. Being in the military had it’s low and high points, with the high point being meeting my first husband. My son, Christopher Joseph – CJ as my father called him – was my world and still is, despite being thousands of miles apart. I have been blessed with two identical twin granddaughters. But then back more than 40 years ago, I met my fourth-grade sweetheart and we married. Oh my goodness, life was amazing for 35 years. Retired from the military, both my son, daughter and son in law in the Air Force, two more grandchildren (now grandson 21 and in the Air Force and granddaughter 17 and in ROTC!)

We moved to Jerome, ID, back in 1995 after visiting our friends who had retired from Boeing, and built a car wash and storage units together. I began my nursing career on the East Coast at Johns Hopkins and a couple of small community hospital venues before moving to the West Coast working at Seattle VA, Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, Group Health and MultiCare Hospital the latter 3 located in Tacoma, Washington and finally to Idaho. It’s funny how no matter when we visited Idaho, we’d just wait a few minutes and the sun would shine and it would be blue skies. So different than western Washington, Puyallup was! I was not liking being a duck, being that it rained so much and so we decided we were ready for a change.

I soon moved to Jerome, ID and worked at St. Benedict’s, in addition to multiple long-term care facilities before becoming an instructor at the College of Southern Idaho teaching in the CNA and LPN programs. All of these wonderful positions I held comprise a 35 year-long history in the medical field starting with a 3-year Diploma Program in 1981 then my BSN from Saint Martins, Olympia, WA in 1994. Promised my father I would take care of my son when he was passing February 19, 1991 and I enrolled in the Spring, 1991.

Greg Emerson had lived in Puyallup his entire life – me – I was a mover! But it was time for a change and so I got involved in Real Estate back in 2006. What a time, downturn it was, but God does take care of His Children. Emerson went to Wyotech in Laramie, WY, and I visited there every two weeks as I taught at CSI and ran the carwash/storage units. Rather hectic, but our goal was to ready him for retirement. We built our dream home with a shop, he graduated and then seventeen months later he went home to be with our Lord. One never understands timing, and I am still learning. Thank goodness I had been full time in real estate for 3 years when this life-altering event took place. With His Help and Strength, I survived and I have a second family of real estate clients/friends/sisters/brothers! There is not a moment that goes by that I am not thinking of how life was, is and will be. He knows the past, the future and what is happening now, and why He calls it “the Present!” Rather crazy, but guess I like Crazy-Owner/Broker of Emerson Realty and Owner/Operator of EZ Carwash/Storage.

As a Magic Valley real estate agent, I love the process of meeting potential home buyers and/or home sellers, and getting a feel of what they are needing at this particular time. Sometimes it is immediate but other times it is later down life’s path, but I am able to help them sort out what they really need, educate them on the different areas of our beautiful Magic Valley and all the treasures it has to offer. It is so our Little Piece of Heaven. Being in the Magic Valley real estate industry for so many years and understanding how to work with different types of people (due to my 35 years of nursing) through so many ups and downs, what an asset I have been blessed with. If I don’t know the answer, I will seek it out and share what I find.

I love to get involved and if there are situations, I usually seem to find them. CCR’s (Rules and Regulations of a Particular Neighborhood)that have been dropped over the years and then we bring them back to life, getting involved with neighbors during that process and going to an attorney if need be to get an answer. Be truthful and one never has to worry. Yes, I have been so blessed over my entire life and if I can share my knowledge to assist in one of the biggest decisions of one’s life, than I am right there. I am not there for just the beginning of purchasing or selling a home. As your realtor, I am there from start to finish and after! Perhaps you just want to know the value of your home, what needs to be addressed prior to selling and then if you sell, where will you be moving too? I have many friends across this continental United States and I can get you in touch with excellent Realtors. I can be in a neighborhood and see you out and about, stop by for a chat or glass of refreshing water.

I also enjoy working with relocations and folks retiring to Magic Valley from other parts of the country. With my nursing background, I do have a very caring way and can work through special needs, such a traumatic brain and/or limb injuries, blindness or deafness. Call, let’s talk and get to know one another before embarking on a huge new season in your life!

I have lots of grandparents we have sold and purchased, then their children and then their children! Truly a multi-generational thing going on! I love it. Just like nursing, real estate is such a people business! And yes, I have been blessed to have two careers that I have equally enjoyed from the inside out.